3 Tips To Remember When Hiring A Worker's Compensation Lawyer

If you're injured at work, you may be able to qualify for worker's compensation. This assistance program is designed to provide monetary relief to help pay for medical bills and potentially lost wages. A worker's compensation attorney can assist with this process, but you'll want to consider these tips before hiring one. Determine Whether You Really Need One Working with these attorneys isn't always cheap, so it's important to make sure that their assistance is absolutely necessary for moving forward with your worker's compensation claim.

Receive Justice For A Driver's Wrongdoing Which Resulted In You Falling Off Of Your Motorcycle

You were cruising home on your motorcycle after a long day's work and were obeying the rules of the road, but another driver was talking on their cellphone and not paying attention, resulting in you being side swiped and spilling onto the road. The other driver sped away, but you got a good look at their vehicle. You may be experiencing a wide range of reactions, including anger and confusion. Take action to receive justice for the driver's wrongdoing by using the tips that follow.

3 Things You Should Do Following an Auto Accident

A car accident can happen suddenly and can leave you feeling disoriented and not like yourself. That said, it's important that you keep a clear head as much as possible in order to avoid making any bad decisions that might hurt your chances for compensation. Here are three things you might want to consider doing following an auto accident besides just getting the other driver's insurance information.  Get a Police Report Filed

Exposing Some Myths About Planning For Your Passing

Planning for your death can among the more confusing and unpleasant tasks that you will need to do, but it is essential for minimizing the stresses that your survivors may encounter. In particular, it is important to make sure that you are taking some steps to handle the distribution of your assets. However, this can be difficult to do if you believe the following couple of myths about this process.

3 Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Custody Case

Oftentimes, parents end up getting into a heated legal battle when going through a divorce. Sadly, the children are the ones who suffer in the midst of the whole ordeal. If you want to gain custody of your children, you need to make sure you don't end up making a critical mistake that could swing the court the other direction. Not thinking about the one that matters the most. Regardless of how angry or frustrated you might be, you have to stop and remember that this whole thing isn't about how you feel or what you want.

Preparing For Your Divorce

Once you've decided that divorce is the best course for you to take in dealing with your marital issues, it's important that you begin planning ahead. Make sure you're fully informed about what's to come, and you'll be less likely to end up caught off-guard. Knowing where your resources are, and how to choose a lawyer can also help you prepare for the worst possible outcome. Build Your Case Early

Can You Sue Someone for Not Vaccinating their Child? Very Possibly

The anti-vaccination movement is growing, and with it the spread of diseases like measles. That has some people asking whether parents who choose not to vaccinate can be sued for negligence if their children get sick and spread the disease to someone else. The answer is still unclear, but many legal experts say that they can. Measles Is One Example of the Overall Problem Cases of measles have been rising in the last few years as more parents have opted out of giving their children the vaccine against the disease.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Why It Is Beneficial & How Much Hiring A Lawyer For Assistance Costs

Are you thinking about filing for bankruptcy but don't want your credit to be affected? You can actually file for bankruptcy and work on your credit at the same time, but it is a good idea to hire a lawyer to help you with the process. Discover why you may benefit from filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy and what kind of legal fees you can expect to pay if a lawyer is hired to help you out.

5 Mistakes People Make When Charged With A DUI

A DUI charge is a serious offense and can have a negative impact on your life. In addition to facing jail time, you may also lose your driver's license and have trouble finding employment in the future. That is why it is very important to stay calm and avoid making certain mistakes. Here are five common mistakes people make when charged with a DUI. Resisting Arrest Even if you are innocent of driving drunk, you should never resist arrest.

Not All Wills Are Created Equal: Here's Why

Each state has its own laws regarding what makes a will legally valid, and if yours does not meet these standards, it may not stand up in probate court. Different ways exist to create wills, but not all of these methods are created equal. It is important to understand these what is needed to make your will legally valid. If you want to make sure your final wishes are carried out, take the time to decide which type of will is best for you.

5 Things To Consider Before You Decide To Represent Yourself In Civil Court

Your right to represent yourself in a civil case dates back to 1789, when the 1st Congress passed--and President George Washington signed--the Federal Judiciary Act.   Since then, state and federal courts have seen a steady uptick in self-counselled--or pro se--plaintiffs and defendants.  Some pro se litigants felt competent enough in their legal knowledge to proceed without a lawyer; some have already reached an agreed settlement with the opposing party, so they feel counsel is unnecessary; some simply wish to avoid paying an attorney's retainer or contingency fees.