3 Things You Should Do Following an Auto Accident

A car accident can happen suddenly and can leave you feeling disoriented and not like yourself. That said, it's important that you keep a clear head as much as possible in order to avoid making any bad decisions that might hurt your chances for compensation. Here are three things you might want to consider doing following an auto accident besides just getting the other driver's insurance information. 

Get a Police Report Filed

Yes, calling the police may seem like a hassle if it's just a small fender bender, but if the accident was not your fault, having a police report on your side might be the best way to protect yourself in the courtroom. For example, what if the other driver says they accept responsibility at the scene of the accident but then decides to lie to their insurance company about what happened? One of the only ways it doesn't become a game of "he said/she said" is if you have a police report on your side explaining what happened.

Obtain Photos and Information

Another thing that can go a long way in a courtroom or with an insurance company is a series of photos or a witness statement that confirms your side of the story. At the very least, take photos of all of the damage to your vehicle and a photo of the other car. Then, try to get a photo of the street you were on in a way that shows the direction you were driving and where the other vehicle came from. Finally, if there are any other people nearby, try to get names and phone numbers. Make note of any businesses in the area because there might be security footage of the accident as well.

Hire an Attorney Before You Talk to an Insurance Company

If you get a phone call from the other driver's insurance company, you need to understand that you are under no obligation to talk to them. In fact, talking to them might work against you if they can get you to say something on a recorded call that puts your entire story into doubt. A good car accident attorney can handle this sort of thing for you. Also consider that if you are thinking about legal action because there was an injury or property damage and the accident was not your fault, you're going to eventually want to get an attorney anyway, so it's better to just do it as soon as possible.

If you're in a car accident, remain calm, get the other driver's information and call the police. Then, collect photos and information from nearby witnesses, assuming you don't need medical attention first. Let a car accident attorney talk to the insurance company and get recorded statements from witnesses. Reach out to an auto accident attorney like those at Knochel Law Offices PC for more information.