Receive Justice For A Driver's Wrongdoing Which Resulted In You Falling Off Of Your Motorcycle

You were cruising home on your motorcycle after a long day's work and were obeying the rules of the road, but another driver was talking on their cellphone and not paying attention, resulting in you being side swiped and spilling onto the road. The other driver sped away, but you got a good look at their vehicle. You may be experiencing a wide range of reactions, including anger and confusion. Take action to receive justice for the driver's wrongdoing by using the tips that follow.

Seek Shelter And Medical Care

If other drivers witnessed the mishap, chances are several of them have stopped to offer their assistance. If you only suffered minor injuries and feel strong enough to get up and leave the roadway, ask a passerby for their assistance with moving your motorcycle and seek shelter in a public venue or under a tree so that you can gather your thoughts.

If you have cuts on your arms or legs that require medical care, ask someone if they could retrieve some first aid supplies for you so that you can tend to your injuries. If your injuries are more severe and you think that you may need stitches, call an emergency dispatcher so that an ambulance is sent to your location.

Recollect Details And Provide Them To An Official

Try to remember the details that occurred prior to and during the accident. If a law official is going to be meeting with you in several minutes and you worry that you will forget to tell them some of the vital information, jot down a summary of what occurred so that you can refer to it when an officer arrives. During your meeting with an officer, take your time as you explain what occurred.

Provide a detailed description of the guilty party's vehicle and the direction and speed that the vehicle was traveling. Do not think that the other party will not be caught and will be exonerated for the traffic altercation. A law official will be on the lookout for the driver and will alert other officers about the incident so that they are looking for the other person as well. 

Fight For Your Rights Through The Court System

An accident attorney has been formally trained to help innocent people recoup losses that they acquired through traffic accidents. For instance, if your motorcycle is in need of repairs due to the accident or if you have been faced with medical bills associated with your injuries, these expenses will be paid by the other party's insurance coverage if the perpetrator is caught. Meet with an attorney from a law firm like The Jaklitsch Law Group and tell them the key points surrounding the incident. An attorney will likely take your case and will not expect any payments until you have won.