How OVI Defense Attorneys Fight For Their Clients' Rights

Having a couple of drinks with your friends after work before driving home may be something you love doing. However, even though you may think you're watching your limits and not crowding your mental faculties, it may still impair your judgment and make you cause an accident. Most states regard operating a vehicle while intoxicated as a serious offense punishable by fines, jail time, and other penalties. If you're arrested and charged with this offense, you should immediately contact an OVI defense attorney. These professionals are experienced in handling such cases and can help you get the best outcome. Read on to find out how they fight for their client's rights.

Getting Your License Back 

Many OVI felonies result in the driver's license being suspended or revoked. Depending on your level of intoxication, the officer may take your license on the spot and issue you a temporary permit. Your driving privileges may also be limited, and you may be prohibited from carrying passengers, driving at night, and driving some types of vehicles.

OVI defense lawyers know the essence of a driving license and how you can suffer without it. They'll negotiate with the prosecutor to get you a reduced sentence and work hard to help you get your license back. They'll also file a motion to show that you're remorseful and contrite about what happened and are willing to be diligent in ensuring the safety of others on the road by helping with traffic diversion programs or other community service projects.

Getting Your Record Erased

OVI misdemeanor and felony charges can taint the clean record you've kept for so long. If you're a first-time offender, your record may be sealed, and the charge dropped. However, if you're a second-time offender, you may be subject to felony charges that could lead to jail time and fines. You could also be subjected to alternative sentencing options such as substance abuse treatment programs or regularly staying at a retraining center.

An OVI lawyer knows what it takes to erase these charges from your record. They'll develop the best possible defense to get the charges dropped and prevent them from jeopardizing other aspects of your life, such as getting an education or finding employment.

Explaining Your Legal Options

Knowing your legal options can help you have peace of mind and know what to expect. OVI lawyers can explain what's likely to happen to enable you to take the correct route. They'll tell you if a plea bargain is available to your case or if it's better to appear before a judge in court. If your charges are severe, they'll recommend that you wait until your records are sealed before taking any action to reduce your penalties.

When you're facing a drunk driving charge lawyer, your best companion is an OVI lawyer. These attorneys will uphold your best interests and fight to get you the best outcome.