Time to Call a Lawyer? When to Know

While it's always a good idea to speak to a personal injury lawyer after an accident, not all accident cases are appropriate for taking legal action. Some cases, on the other hand, seem to require the services of a personal injury lawyer. Read on to find out more.

You Are Physically Injured 

Where there are injuries, there might be more to the case. Some bumps and bruises turn into more once the dust settles. If you are still in pain after a day or two or notice what might be neurological issues, seek medical help and then phone a personal injury lawyer. 

You Are Severely Injured 

You may not be offered the compensation you deserve without a lawyer's help. The more serious your injuries, the more important involving a lawyer may be. If your injuries become a disability, you may need more financial assistance to cope with things after an accident. You may also be entitled to future medical coverage. Don't make the mistake of accepting a settlement from the insurer, only to learn later that you need additional surgery in the future.

The Insurer is Making Things Difficult 

Insurers for the at-fault driver are prepared to pay once fault is determined. That does not mean they are waving large checks around, though. They may be difficult to contact, pay your medical bills late or not at all, deny claims for car repair, and more. Just speaking to a personal injury lawyer who will send the insurer a letter may be enough to get them moving on the claim.

You Are Unable to Cope 

Getting a personal injury lawyer to take over your case can ease a huge burden on you or your family. In some cases, you may be dealing with severe injuries or even a death because of the accident. Let a lawyer cope with the insurer and the settlement details for you.

Out of Work and Out of Money

If you are facing delays in getting paid what you deserve, you may begin to feel the effects quickly. Those who are too injured to work may have to face bills pilling up and even collection actions. You might be surprised at how fast your lawyer can get things moving by demanding that the insurer pay or face a lawsuit. In addition, you can be paid for the time you missed from work, but only if you take legal action. That might not mean filing a lawsuit, but it does mean getting paid a settlement that includes that form of damage.