Tips On Locating A Criminal Law Attorney That's Right For Your Situation

Being arrested is a serious matter. Even misdemeanor charges can create economic chaos. Serious matters like a felony could result in incarceration. That is why it's so important to have professional legal advice. A criminal defense attorney can help you evaluate a plea bargain, represent you in court, and get your charges dropped or reduced. Read on for some tips when it comes time to find your lawyer.

Your Charges Matter

You might know you need a criminal attorney, but that category includes lawyers that help people with everything from traffic violations to murder and everything in between. Lawyers tend to focus on certain areas of criminal law. For example, one lawyer might handle DUI cases while another helps those charged with domestic violence crimes.

Do Some Research

You can gain a lot of information by looking up lawyers online or in the phone book. Almost all lawyers maintain websites nowadays, and you can get a good idea of what to expect from a particular firm that way. Look for the types of law practiced, years of experience, and read some blog entries before you follow up with a phone call to make an appointment.

Locations Matter

It's best to find an attorney who practices in the location of the arrest and/or jail. Your lawyer should be very familiar with local officials, practices, and court employees so they can provide you with accurate advice. For example, when the lawyer has a lot of personal experience with a certain judge or prosecutor, they can help you understand what might happen with a plea bargain or in court.

Understand Billing

Lawyers primarily charge for their services two ways. One way is a flat fee that results in the lawyer taking certain, limited actions on your behalf. You might find this type of billing with DUI lawyers, for example. The DUI lawyer might agree to help you negotiate a plea bargain and advise you about your options. They may or may not also represent you if you decide to take your case to trial. By-the-hour billing is the other way lawyers work, and that starts with the down payment of a sum of money known as a retainer. The lawyer draws funds from the retainer while working on your case. If the retainer runs out, you should be prepared to pay the lawyer additional funds.

Finally, be sure you find a lawyer you can work well with. You must be forthcoming, honest, and communicative with your lawyer to get the best help from them. Speak to a criminal defense lawyer and learn more about how they can help to defend you against the charges.