Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer Or A Family Law Expert?

The law is complex. Attorneys dedicate years of study so that they can specialize in one small section of the law. That is why it is rare to find a tax attorney, for instance, who is qualified to handle a murder defense. The same holds true when it comes to a personal injury lawyers and family lawyers.

What Does a Personal Injury Attorney Do?

A personal injury lawyer helps people who have been injured in auto accidents, by slips and falls, or through other types of injuries where someone else is at fault to seek justice. Both the injured parties and the defending parties, in many cases, need representation by qualified personal injury attorneys. There are even personal injury lawyers who specialize in specific types of injuries.

For instance, there are some who specialize in motorcycle injuries, medical malpractice, large truck injuries, asbestos injuries, slip and fall injuries, and traumatic brain injuries, and some only handle class action cases. This allows them to build a network of experts to call upon as witnesses for their medical expertise and other invaluable testimony on behalf of their clients.

What Types of Cases Does a Family Lawyer Handle?

Family law is a different matter altogether. While some attorneys handle both types of cases, many people want someone who has specialized experience as a divorce attorney or custody lawyer to handle their family law needs. A divorce lawyer or custody attorney deals with highly emotional issues which adds a level of volatility to the already complex issues of law in place in these proceedings. It takes a special type of person to handle this type of law with the compassion and finesse it warrants.

With family law, it is rarely about a single individual. When there are children involved, the dynamics change entirely. No one leaves a divorce unscathed, no matter how amazing your attorney happens to be. The right attorney, though, can soften the blow for you and help you come to a fair dissolution to your marriage. Or, for those who are interested in a "scorched-earth" scenario, the right divorce lawyer you can help you achieve that as well.

Some personal injury lawyer practices offer diverse specialties, allowing you to get a wide range of services beneath a single shingle. Some even have different attorneys who specialize in the different injuries mentioned above as well as attorneys who practice family law. This helps you with a greater variety of your legal needs through a single practice though different attorneys may handle different needs as they arise.