The Timeline For Settling Your Car Accident Case

One of the top things you might be wondering about your car accident case is how long you should expect it take before you settle and receive your check for the compensation you are entitled to. Unfortunately, there is no set answer for this question, as the answer will depend on many different factors. Here is a timeline of how a case is settled, and this may help you determine approximately how long it will take to settle your case.

The Accident Occurs

The first step in a car accident case is the car accident itself. From the day this happens, you have a clock that is running, which tells you how long you have to pursue compensation for this accident, and this is called the statute of limitation rule. It varies, depending on the state you live in, and you should find this out before too long, simply so that you do not miss this window of opportunity.

The Preliminary Steps Take Place

After the accident occurs, there are several different preliminary steps that must take place before settling. These steps include filing a police report, seeking medical help, getting estimates for your car repairs, and recording in a journal how the accident is affecting you. These steps also involve gathering evidence to use to determine how much to ask for in your case.

You Must Hire a Lawyer

While there are people who decide to handle their settlements on their own, hiring a personal injury lawyer is typically the best option you have. A lawyer will assist you throughout your case, and he or she is likely to help you get a higher settlement amount.

The Negotiations Take Place

Whether you hire a lawyer or not, the next step in settling the case will be the negotiation's stage. This is the time period in which you, or your lawyer, work with the insurance company that is paying the claim to reach an agreement about the amount of compensation you should receive. This stage can take months in some cases, and there are times when the two parties cannot reach an agreement.

If you cannot reach an agreement, it may require taking your case to court, which means it will take even longer to settle.

Settling any type of personal injury case takes time and effort. If you do not want to attempt this on your own, you can hire a lawyer who handles car accident cases.