3 Big Mistakes You Shouldn't Make When Out On Bail

Bail bond companies exist for one purpose: they help people get out of jail and keep their lives on track while they're waiting on a court date. Bail bonds make it possible for people of ordinary or reduced means to remain employed, take care of their homes and families, and work with their attorneys more easily while their cases are pending before the court. 

However, people often make mistakes after their out on a bond that put their freedom back on the line. To avoid the painful consequences of a revoked bond, here are the things you need to remember.

1. Don't lie to your bail bond company.

Bail bond companies specialize in being discreet -- so don't think you have to do anything special to protect your reputation or your privacy. And, whatever you do, don't lie to your bail bond company about where you are living. Give your bondsman accurate contact information and make sure that if the information changes that you update your bondsman immediately. Otherwise, your bondsman may consider you a flight risk, revoke the bond, and turn you back over to the police.

2. Don't travel out of state for either work or pleasure without consent.

Your bail bond company is going to take a very dim view of things if you cross state lines without their knowledge and consent. For some people, that may not be much of a problem. Others, however, live in areas close to state lines and may live in one state but work in the other. This can create problems with your bond company because the bondsman may not be licensed to operate in both states. Let the company know ahead of time if you're required to travel out of state for work.

Similarly, don't go across state lines for a family vacation or just to escape the pressure of your looming court date without talking to your bail bondsman first. Otherwise, the only trip you may end up taking is the one back to jail when your bond is canceled.

3. Don't make the same legal mistake twice.

Have you been arrested for theft? What about a bar fight? Maybe you were arrested for drunk driving. Whatever the charges, don't make the same mistake again while you're already out on bail. Aside from being a really bad idea when it comes to your first case, your bail bond company may not be willing to take the risk on you if you're in trouble again before the first case is resolved -- especially if the offenses are the same or similar.

It's important to remember that a bail bond company may really care about its customers -- but it's also a business with liability concerns. Keep that in mind so that you don't accidentally make your situation worse while you're waiting on the resolution of your case. For more information, contact a company like A Bail Now Bail Bonds, Inc.