Get A DUI In Your Community? Fight The Charges To Save Your Kids From Embarrassment

Drinking and driving doesn't just get you in legal trouble, but if you're a parent it can really upset some of the other parents that your kids are friends with. The other parents may not want their kids riding around with you, or they may have an altered opinion of you because of the charges.

If you have currently been charged with a DUI and you aren't sure how you can try to get the charges reduced, or how you can have them dropped all together, you need a DUI legal professional. These are potential ways you can try to escape this shame.

Plea Deal for Less Significant Charges

If your lawyer doesn't think there is any way you can get out of the charges the authorities are pressing against you, the lawyer may be able to work out a deal with the judge or team of prosecutors for the case. This means you will plead guilty to a different charge, like reckless operation or something similar, and you serve the punishment for that.

Find Flaws in the Case

If you didn't blow much over the legal limit, or you were right on it, the lawyer may want to look for small flaws to get you out of the charges. These flaws could include the following:

  • Unregulated or past calibration expiration breathalyzer unit
  • Unlawful officer behavior and tactics
  • Discrimination

Your lawyer needs to have access to as many resources about the case as possible, and it's important to hire a lawyer fast when the evidence from your case is still available. There could be a video or eye witness that can help your case significantly, but after time the video could be cone or the person may not be able to be located or useful for the case.

If you don't want to have your charges in the newspaper in the community where your family lives, and if you don't want people to think that you are irresponsible or that you can't be trusted as a parent or with their kids, you'll want to talk with a lawyer to find out if you can have the charges reduced or dropped. Your auto insurance will go up and you will have lawyer fees, these things can't be avoided, but you can try to avoid the humiliation and the bad looks that come when you are charged with driving under the influence. 

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