Questions To Ask When Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney For Your Traffic Case

When your fate is in a criminal defense attorney's hands, you want to make sure that you ask enough questions to feel confident that the lawyer has enough experience and talent to win your traffic law case. Here are some questions that you can ask of any criminal defense attorney before you hire them for a traffic law violation. 

What Similar Cases Have You Worked On?

One thing to know is what cases they've worked on in the past that resemble your current situation. A criminal lawyer can learn something from each case they complete, and if the circumstances of past clients were similar to yours, they may understand the best angles to take when defending your case.

Is Your Practice Focused on Criminal Law?

It also helps to have a lawyer whose practice is focused on criminal law or traffic law. This will mean that they are up-to-date on the latest criminal laws in your area and that they are continuously improving in this sector of law practice. If it is a criminal law firm with several criminal lawyers, that's even better; your lawyer will have plenty of colleagues to bounce ideas off of.

What Is Your Win Rate?

Besides knowing how much experience a lawyer has, it's important to know how much success they've had. Most lawyers should be able to give you a list of recent cases, along with their outcomes. You'll quickly be able to see if this lawyer has a history of success.

How Do You Feel About Going to Trial?

It's important to know what experience the lawyer has with going to a juried trial and how comfortable they feel with that option. It may not be in your best interest to find a lawyer who tries to settle the case out of court; you might take on penalties that would have been unnecessary if you had brought the case in front of a jury.

Will You Be Handling My Case?

Be sure that the lawyer who is consulting you is the one who will be primarily handling your case. It's a shame to form a connection with one lawyer and develop trust in them, only to find out that the case is passed off to another lawyer in the firm.

Who Else Is Available?

At the same time, you may want to take other people into account in your decision. For instance, if your lawyer works with a specific paralegal, make sure that you get along with this person as well. It's all part of finding a team that's a great fit for you.