Why You Need a Lawyer When You Get into an Auto Accident

Car accidents are often a traumatic experience. If your accident is not traumatic due to the potential injuries you sustained, it may be due to all the paperwork and battling with insurance companies. Dealing with medical bills, car repairs, lost wages, and insurance claims can all be too much for one person to handle after an accident. That's why a lawyer can help make everything go smoothly for you due to the following reasons.

Get You the Biggest Payout Possible

Your main goal of making a personal-injury claim against the other driver is to make sure you get the money you're entitled to receive because you are the victim. In most situations, your top priority should be getting your medical bills paid for in full, for all expenses already paid for as well as future expenses related to the injury. These bills can add up much faster than you imagine. Medical bills can cause your bank account to be drained, potentially making you file for bankruptcy.

On top of the medical-bill reimbursement, you should also be seeking compensation for the wages you lost because of the accident. You need to focus on your recovery, not on finding a way to rush back to work too soon just to put food on the table. You may not receive 100% of all the wages you have lost by the end of the lawsuit, but anything you receive is better than nothing.

Prove That the Other Driver Was at Fault

A common problem with an auto-accident lawsuit is that the situation can sometimes be one in which it is your word against theirs. The other driver may try to blame you for the accident, or at least part of it, so that they don't need to pay as much of a settlement. For example, if you were 25% responsible for the accident, you may only receive 75% of those lost wages you are seeking.

Working with a lawyer from the beginning will ensure that fault is properly identified in your case. With experience in auto accidents, a lawyer knows what evidence they should present. This could include going over photos from the accident scene, analyzing the police report, and talking to any witnesses. Lawyers can also help get ahold of phone records to find out whether the other driver was distracted due to calling or texting.

Now that you know some benefits of using a car-accident lawyer for your auto accident–related personal-injury lawsuit, you'll be sure to hire one for your case.