Having A Pool Party? Prevent A Lawsuit With These 4 Tips

Summer is a wonderful time to throw a pool party. However, pool parties can result in some major injuries, which means liability for the owner of the pool and the person throwing the party. So, before you throw a party, you need to know what it takes to prevent a lawsuit. Plus, this information may come in handy in the event that you head to a pool party at someone else's home and get injured. Here's what you need to know to lawsuit-proof your upcoming swimming pool party:

1. Keep an Eye on the Chemicals.

In 2012, there were almost 5,000 visits to the emergency room due to injuries caused from chemicals in swimming pools. The majority of these incidents occurred in private pools. To be safe, talk to a professional pool maintenance company to make sure you have compatible products and know the exact amount to use in the water and how often.

2. Make Any Electrical Repairs Ahead of Time.

Believe it or not, it is possible to get electrocuted in or near the pool. If you have anything that is electrically powered, such as a pump or lights, then you need to make sure that they are in good shape. Look at the wires and make sure they're not frayed or damaged in any way. If they are, repair them immediately. If necessary, contact a professional for assistance. The amount of money that you would be out on professional repairs will be nothing compared to the money that you could potential have to pay if you're sued.

3. Take Extra Steps to Protect Little Ones.

It's all fun and games at a pool party until there is a kid that can't swim. Children, especially those under four years of age, are particularly vulnerable to non-fatal injuries and death from drowning. Make sure that the kids have floaties on before they get into the pool. You may want to buy some extras to have on hand in case a child comes unprepared. You also may want to consider having a self-closing gate installed around the pool so that you can keep the little ones out that aren't allowed in. Don't forget to always have at least one adult – preferably two or more adults – supervising the kids in the pool.

4. Prevent Accidents from Slipping and Falling.

Slip-and-fall accidents are no fun for anyone involved. When you're throwing a pool party, there is bound to be slick surfaces all around. These are probably one of the most common lawsuits that arise from pool parties. Therefore, you need to consider preparing the area around the pool with rubber mats or some form of non-skid material. You'll also want to check out the diving board, if there is one, and make sure it is in good operating condition.

You know the steps it takes to prevent a lawsuit at your home, but this doesn't mean that others do. Therefore, if you've suffered an injury at someone else's or know someone that has, reach out to a personal injury attorney to learn more about your rights and see if you have a case to take to court. 

For more information, contact Daniels Long & Pinsel or a similar firm.