Don't Fall For Common Insurance Adjuster Tricks

Insurance companies do want to give you as little money as possible when they compensate you for a car accident. This is how they remain profitable. To get the best settlement possible out of them, you will need to make sure that you do not fall prey to one of their tricks.

They Are Not On Your Side

Insurance companies will usually be very friendly and professional with you. However, this is a ruse to increase the chances that you'll accept a lower settlement amount. You will need to play hardball with friendly adjusters.

They Can Use Your Words Against You

Insurance adjusters will often tell you that you need to give a recorded statement before you can receive a settlement. This is usually untrue and you should consult with a car accident lawyer regarding this matter.

You should not provide a statement, unless it is at the direction of your car accident lawyer, because what you say can easily be distorted to justify a reduction in your settlement amount. Insurance adjusters will often try to accuse you of having caused the accident because they will otherwise have to pay more in a settlement.

They Can Use Time Against You

Contrary to what the adjuster might lead you to believe, you actually have plenty of time to reach a settlement and you should not rush. It can take time for the full extent of your injuries to be fully known and the insurance company can escape liability if you quickly pursue a settlement.

One way to get you to settle quickly is to give you a low offer and to then claim that the offer is for a limited time only. This implies that you will receive an even lower offer if you do not accept the current one. However, it is more likely that you will be able to receive a higher offer with negotiation and assistance from your car accident lawyer. There is never a final offer regardless of what you are told.

An opposite strategy is for the adjusters to stall by transferring you from adjuster to adjuster. The insurance company might ask you for documents multiple times to stall the process This is done to get you to accept a lower offer to get the process over with. They might expect that you will stop calling altogether. It is best that you have a car accident lawyer begin making these calls. Your lawyer, like those at Gibbs and Parnell, can bring legal measures to bear that will help you get the maximum settlement.