Avoid Lapses In Judgment That Lead To Bail Being Revoked

Although a criminal defense attorney has secured your release from jail pending trial, you should remain concerned about being remanded back into custody. Violating the terms of the release could lead to either your bail or any decision to free you pending trial being revoked. Committing a "small" crime or infraction becomes a serious matter when the judge finds out about it. So, avoid making common errors in judgment that could land you back in jail. 

Concealing a Knife 

You have been carrying a pocket knife your entire life. One reason you do so is for personal safety. Another reason is you rely on the knife as a makeshift, all-purpose tool.

The trouble is that you are carrying a concealed weapon, which is a felony in certain jurisdictions. And no, you do not decide whether or not a clip-on knife is a "real" weapon. The criminal code does.

Being arrested or merely cited for carrying a knife could send you right back into jail. Even though you have no intention of using the knife to commit a crime, questions can be raised about your safety to the public. Freedom may be compromised as a result.

Disorderly Conduct 

Are you a belligerent person? Change your attitude right away or else you may end up possibly committing a disorderly conduct offense. Yelling at a customer service representative or threatening a bartender are the types of small offenses that would qualify.

Any time you cause a public disturbance, the police may respond and charge you with disorderly conduct. In general, disorderly conduct is a misdemeanor offense. For someone out on bail, this could be more than enough to see the bail revoked.

Reckless Driving

You could also very easily end up being arrested and charged with reckless driving that could have been totally avoided. Rush hour traffic can be very frustrating, but driving erratically and risking the safety of other vehicles around you isn't an ideal solution. 

Plus, an arrest for criminal reckless driving surely is going to lead to your release being revoked.

Poor driving decisions can have serious repercussions under any circumstances. Always drive smart and safe, especially when you are already under the legal system's microscope.

Never Assume

Last, never make any assumptions about what may or may not lead to you losing your freedom pending trial. Always direct questions towards your criminal defense attorney when unsure about anything.

Reach out to a local firm, like Robert E Long & Associates Ltd, for more advice on bail guidelines and potential charges.