3 Things To Know When Filing For A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is challenging, but it's the best way to get their finances back on track for many people. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy involves reorganizing your debt to make your payments more manageable. In contrast, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy clears your debts, but you will have to surrender much of your property, whereas, in most Chapter 13 filings, you can keep your home. Here's what to know when filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

How OVI Defense Attorneys Fight For Their Clients' Rights

Having a couple of drinks with your friends after work before driving home may be something you love doing. However, even though you may think you're watching your limits and not crowding your mental faculties, it may still impair your judgment and make you cause an accident. Most states regard operating a vehicle while intoxicated as a serious offense punishable by fines, jail time, and other penalties. If you're arrested and charged with this offense, you should immediately contact an OVI defense attorney.

Time to Call a Lawyer? When to Know

While it's always a good idea to speak to a personal injury lawyer after an accident, not all accident cases are appropriate for taking legal action. Some cases, on the other hand, seem to require the services of a personal injury lawyer. Read on to find out more. You Are Physically Injured  Where there are injuries, there might be more to the case. Some bumps and bruises turn into more once the dust settles.

Three Invaluable Roles Played By Attorneys During Divorce

Family law plays an integral role in people's lives. It outlines the legal procedures and requirements when settling domestic disputes and divorce proceedings. Thus, family law is an important legal branch that protects the rights and interests of spouses and their dependents during a marital squabble. Parties with issues on family law should seek legal advice and assistance from a family law attorney. These attorneys are legal practitioners with extensive training, certification, and experience in family law matters.